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This site contains
cemetery records, with photographs, a map, and additional information

This is an index of people buried in the Advocate Cemetery, and a location guide to assist in locating the various tombstones.

The finished project contains much more information than one could find by examining the tombstones and markers in the cemetery. I have attempted to show the maiden names of all married women and thus have identified them by their maiden names.

For a child or youth under the age of 21, I added the parents’ names to help identify the person.

The index includes 60 people whose names appear on tombstones, in the cemetery, but  are buried elsewhere, as indicated.

I have also included the names of 211 people who are buried in the cemetery but have no stone or marker.

These names were obtained from the Vital Statistics records of Nova Scotia, the United Church records for Advocate Harbour and from the scrapbooks of Alene (Sheridan) Mills. Alene’s records, 1928 – 1969, were valuable as she indicated the place of burial, such as Advocate, Spencers Island etc. Other sources used in this project were the Smith Funeral Home web site, Wesleyan records 1848-1925, Lulu Ells’ “Obituary Book 1924-1988”, Census Records, Records of Rev. Porter of the Free Baptist Church, Parrsboro Township Records, notes complied on various families names such as: Knowlton, Spicer, Morris, Blenkhorn, Elliott, Hatfield, Atkinson, Ward, Milberry, Dewis etc. The index of the Cemetery prepared in 1988, courtesy of the Wells Foundation, was also consulted.

One must keep in mind that the fact something is carved in stone, doesn’t make it a fact. About 60 stones contain incorrect birth or death dates. My date columns contain the correct information,  based on information recorded on the Vital Statistics records. Fifteen years in age was the greatest discrepancy found.

Some stones or markers just had a name only on them. I have supplied dates of birth and death and marriage information for these people. I also used the full names of all individuals, if known, to help identify them.

– Roy Scott Taylor (with some web tech help from daughter Estelle)

August 31, 2020